Luscious Lip Glaze Shimmery Cotton Candy

Luscious Lip Glaze

Luscious Lip Glaze coming soon to your beauty bag!!! My Luscious Lip Glaze is vegan friendly, made with natural products mainly the coconut oil and natural flavoring! Luscious Lip Glaze is a lovely addition to your Luscious Lashes. We have Fruity Glaze, Glitter Glaze, Tinted Glaze, and so much more!!!! Luscious Lips will be available for purchase soon!! Samples will be given out, in limited supply, to my First 25 customers using the code #SWEETLIPS, WITH THE PURCHASE OF LUSCIOUS LASHES!!!! You will absolutely love how hydrated and luscious the lip glaze makes your lips 💋 feel. 
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